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“Hit me up with some Tequila shots, a couple of beers and a cocktail for the hottie over there”

Yeah sure – you could brief a design agency to come up with the artwork – but for a fraction of the cost, our designers can do it for you.

Just like the other packages, we’ll get all the mandatory information on the artwork but we work with you so that it looks AMAZEBALLS. We’ll design the artwork to exactly what you want to achieve.

With every package, you have the option to also send through any ideas, where logos need to be placed, etc..

Once our talented designers have designed the artwork, we send it to you so that you can review and approve. If the design needs to be revised, we’ll do this up to three times.

Hey, good luck with the hottie – I hope you guys hit it off!

What we need from you:

  1. Text content (copy) you want on the artwork
  2. Your logo (in a  vector PDF or EPS format)
  3. Images (high resolution files – minimum 150dpi) with direction on how images are to be used
  4. You have access to our Shutterstock library – Just let us know the image file number
  5. Specific font files
  6. Full creative design brief


  • Fullcreative design brief
  • Business logo
  • Artwork concept
  • Word document containing required text
  • Additional logos
  • High Resolution Image
  • Symbols
  • Montserrat Font File


Product: Pull Up Banner