Our Process

Our Process

Our objective is to make ordering


1. Find what you need easily

Visit our product page to find the signage solution you need. Once you’ve found it, just start selecting the option you want. There are no hidden costs as whatever you choose, the total is updated instantly.

2. Place your order

Before placing your order; we’ll need to know a little about you. Like your name, where you want the sign delivered to, what number do we have to call if we want to tell you how amazing you are!

Once we have your info details, click on submit so we can talk about your artwork.

3. Artwork

With all of our products, you can download artwork templates and get your talented designers to do the art. Once done, you can easily upload the artwork to the job number. Each order gets assigned a job number, so you can head out for a coffee or do what you need to do and come back and continue where you left off.

Whaaaaaaaaaat? You don’t have a designer? OMG, what do we do now!!!
OK, deep breaths, don’t stress, count to ten and repeat after me….. Can you do the artwork for me pretty please?

Ahhhh, you got us. Yeah sure – No problem. Just choose from the three design packages we offer, tell us what you want, attach some files that we’ll need (like your logo, an image you want to use, or even a photo of a drawing that you drew – just follow the prompts).

Once done, press submit and sit tight. Our production team will process the order and we’ll either send through to you a digital proof of what you uploaded or we’ll send you artwork that our designers have put together for you. Once you’re happy, the artwork goes into pre-press for approval.

4. Proofing

Within 48 hours, we will email you a digital proof of the artwork for you to check and approve. Once you press the magic APPROVED button, this is where we get serious and ask for your money! WHERE’S MY MONEY….. GIMME MY MONEY.

If you have credit with us, you don’t have to worry about this, we’ll just send you an invoice and we’ll proceed with production.

Don’t you wish you had credit with us? Well, initially all orders need to be paid before going into production. But once you’ve ordered through us for a while, you can download the credit application and send it to us.

Until that time, you can pay using credit cards or PayPal. Once payment has been received and you’ll receive a receipt and your job goes into production.

5. Dispatch

Once your job is completed, we ship it out to you.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll send you emails. And at any stage, you can log in and check the status of your job. When we ship out your job, you’ll receive our last email where you’ll be able to track the delivery.